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A long-term client is a happy client,

and their satisfaction is my ultimate goal.


I’ll examine the project and ask questions to identify the purpose of the text and its target readers, to ensure that my services will fit your needs.

The price and delivery date will be set before I start work on the project, and I’ll send you a quote to be signed as proof of consent.

Upon confirmation of the project, I’ll go through any reference material you provide or do my own research to familiarise myself with the terminology in the text.

Queries may be raised both before and during the project. I proofread my translations at least twice to deliver the best possible results and I can have the text checked by another linguist at your request.

Cultural references may lead to ambiguity or cause misunderstanding when not properly dealt with. I will advise you on choosing meaningful cultural references that your target audience recognises and feels comfortable with.

The average turn-around time is one day to fully process a 2,000 – 2,500 word text, including translation and revision. Technical texts or those requiring complex formatting may take longer. Generally speaking, a 4,000 word document can be delivered in 2 to 3 days.

I’ll deliver the translation on time and within budget, and always welcome any feedback. I’m happy to make any necessary changes afterwards, ensuring that you get the best result.

Still not sure? The Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) provides invaluable information on how to buy translation services: Translation, Getting It Right

For more information, get in touch.

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