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An increasing number of Spanish-speaking people are relocating to look for work. And an increasing number of English and French-speaking companies are establishing offices or partnerships in Spain or Latin America. Communicating in the local language is paramount to conducting good business.

If you’re a lawyer dealing with international contracts or cases involving Spanish speakers, you know that the language barrier is not the only problem. Your client comes from a country that has a different legal system and a good translation always will take account of that, explaining any differences along the way.

As an established business owner, you are aware of the implications of misunderstandings in legal matters. If a single word is misunderstood, it can rewrite the story for you and your client, in a way that you didn’t intend. To avoid frustration, you need an intermediary who has a thorough knowledge of both languages involved and who is familiar with the differences between both legal frameworks.


Types of documents I can translate

  • Sales contracts, rental agreements, supply contracts
  • Academic qualifications and certificates
  • Insurance policies, expert reports
  • Powers of attorney, public deeds
  • Depositions, complaints, judgments, court transcripts, appeals, awards

Recent projects

  • Contract of Incorporation (4,000 words)
  • Master equipment rental agreement (3,600 words)
  • Legal and regulatory texts for the implementation of European policies and procedures, Translation Centre for the Bodies of the European Union (CdT) (ongoing)

¿Quieres acelerar la captación de clientes internacionales para tu despacho?

  • Conoce las oportunidades que la globalización ofrece a despachos de todos los tamaños.
  • Genera más ingresos con clientes extranjeros convirtiéndote en un recurso valioso para ellos.
  • Mejora tu estrategia de comunicación y aumenta tus oportunidades de negocio con clientes internacionales.
  • Conoce las claves para diferenciarte de la competencia y que los clientes te elijan a ti en vez de a ellos.