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My name is Florencia Castaño and I run Speechbox Translates.


As a fully accomplished translator in my fields of expertise, I have studied sector-specific terminology in my working languages over several years. I have been offering language solutions to clients for the past 8 years, working mainly on documents pertaining to civil law as well as criminal law, as a former member of the translation department of Interpol.

My experience working and studying in Ireland, France, Spain and Argentina have given me valuable insight into how the British and French legal systems work. Later, my interest in corporate communication strategies led me to specialise in business translation, which I now use to help English and French-speaking companies break into the Spanish-speaking market.

If you need translations into English or French, my two source languages, I can provide those services too, thanks to a trusted network of highly skilled partners.

I work with companies and law firms that value my knowledge and insight, as well as the quality of my work. In each case, I ensure that their message is conveyed clearly and effectively.


What I offer:


Qualifications and experience

  •  Master’s degree in Institutional Translation
  •  BA (Hons) in Technical and Scientific Translation
  •  BA in Legal Translation
  •  9 years of experience in the field
  •  Over 10 years of academic and continuous professional development — and still counting!
  •  A sound understanding of the legal systems and an awareness of cultural differences in the countries I work with.

100 %


I care about your company and the way you want to say things. I embrace your message and, after thoroughly researching terminology, I’ll make it work for you on your target market.

100 %

No red tape

A streamlined translation service for all your legal and business materials, to ensure that they accurately portray your company’s unique image.

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The result:


High quality

Top-notch translations of your legal and business materials, working to your deadlines and offered at competitive rates. The right words, expressed in the right style and tone, to start a new conversation with your foreign customers.

100 %


Having a consistent voice and terminology is essential for preserving your brand. From your business and legal documents to your brochures and publications, the message conveyed should be the same.

100 %

Only red carpet

End-to-end project management, with rapid response rates, turnaround and customer service tailored to your specific needs.

100 %

Learn more about my services and professional development:


Terms and conditions

Translation portfolio

CPD record

Don’t miss out on the benefits of professional translation. Invest in quality communication today and it won’t take long for you to see the results.

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