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Which one of the following solutions best fits your needs?


Legal translation

Translation of contracts and legal texts into Spanish, with documents adapted to the legal system of the target reader.

Economic & business translation

Translation of economic reports and financial documents into Spanish, delivering return on investment.


Checking a Spanish translation against the original document for linguistic accuracy, coherence and impact.

Project management

Speechbox Translates also relies on a trusted network of highly skilled, native translators to provide you with translations into English and French. I will manage the translation project from beginning to end, so that you can concentrate on closing your deals.


Checking a Spanish text for spelling, punctuation and grammar mistakes to ensure that it’s clear and error-free.


Translation is not a commodity; it’s a craft.


To me, quality will always come first, not impossible deadlines and rock-bottom prices. I don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to your message. I evaluate each text on a case-by-case basis in the same way as I evaluate your needs as a customer. That is why I can’t provide a standard price for every service.

But here are some helpful tips to help you to prepare your budget:

  • The final price and delivery date are fixed before I start work on the project, so you won’t come across any hidden costs.
  • Currencies accepted: EUR (€), GBP (£), USD ($).
  • Payment methods accepted: bank transfer, Paypal, TransferWise.
  • A 20% surcharge will apply for urgent jobs or for work outside of standard business hours (9am-6pm CET, Monday-Friday).

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