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“It was a pleasure to work with Florencia. She did a very professional job. We have no remarks to make concerning her performance. On the contrary, she always strived to excel at her work, for example, calling or sending emails to clarify doubts. Thank you for the services rendered.”

Andrea – Project and Contract Manager in rosengroup-logo


“I strongly recommend Florencia as a translator. She provided me with translation services for the food, beverage and wine industry, and she did an outstanding job. She is a very detail-oriented professional and she is always ready to answer any urgent queries. I would definitely outsource from her again.”

Christophe– Managing Director of logo_martiniere


“Thank you for doing an excellent job with the translation of our PPT documents (French to Spanish). We were extremely impressed with the high quality of the translation and the fast turnaround time. We highly recommend Florencia’s services.”

Marianne – Marketing Manager of kidilizgroup_logo


“Florencia proved to be a talented, hardworking, committed, and most resourceful student. Her Final Work –the translation into Spanish of a very difficult paper by Mikkel Borch-Jacobsen, “Neurotica: Freud and the Seduction Theory”, a tall order indeed– ranks among the best ever submitted to our institution. There are some points I want to emphasize as regards Florencia’s abilities: her approach to translation as a craft, her understanding of nuances, and her clever, sometimes outstanding, solutions. In short, I dare say she has a special knack for translation.”

Elena – Translation Teacher at IES en Lenguas Vivas «Juan R. Fernández»


“Thank you for the translations, they look great! Thanks for your very helpful suggestions about our brochure and also for the explanations about SEO – this is the type of information I just wouldn’t have known otherwise.”

Eve –Managing Director of moonbump-logo


“We were very satisfied by the accuracy and quality of her services, so we contacted Florencia again with a new translation request. She became actively involved in the project to better understand our needs and the expectations of our visitors. We congratulate her for doing an excellent job and recommend her for her responsiveness and professionalism.”

Nathalie – Director of Lyon-city-tour-logo


“Florencia is an involved, dedicated and efficient translator. From the start of our collaboration, she inquired about the project and our mission in order to find the most appropriate words, and she made practical suggestions concerning the culture of the target audience for our message to get through clearly and effectively.”

Matthieu – Team leader and trainer in


“Florencia is very professional and a pleasure to work with. Her translations read very well and she has never missed a deadline.”

Gary Luce – Director of Thames Translations

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